Purpose & Principles

Through the CD Extension Library, Extension professionals can share programs and resources that support a comprehensive, logical and theoretically sound community development process. Use the Library to share programs/curricula/training and other resources, whatever they may be, which support the learning, information-generating, and planning purposes of the model in each phase. Likewise, you can search the Library for programs, tools and resources to use in your own work. For details on how to submit a resource, check the section, Submit a Resource. To find resources, search by phase in the Phased Planning Model section here.

The CD Extension Library supports community development practice that is aligned with the Principles of Good Practice as developed by the Community Development Society, and with the NACDEP (National Association of Community Development Extension Professionals) Statement of the Extension professional’s role in community development: Community Resources & Economic Development (CRED) Extension Professionals work WITH communities to support activities that encourage broad participation and result in social, environmental, and/or economic improvement as defined by the community.