Concept: Getting things done: who does it and when, and how we will recognize progress.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What will be my role in this process? Does that match community expectations?
  • How do I shift my role as a leader or organizer from myself to the community? Is the community ready to take on more responsibility?
  • What do I expect from the community and core team members?
  • As we re-visit the plan, is the current timeline realistic for completion?
  • What additional partners need to be involved?
  • Are we documenting short, medium and long-term impacts?
  • Does this still appear to be sustainable from a social, economic and environmental perspective?
  • Does Extension have additional assets that can contribute to this project?
  • Is the community‚Äôs plan/program SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely)?
  • Has the community identified who will carry the torch for implementation and follow-through after I leave?

Questions to ask the community:

  • Are you activating all of your assets as we implement this project?
  • How are you documenting your plan of action?
  • Who takes responsibility? Who is going to wake up every day thinking about this?
  • What are measurable steps, and timelines for each? How are we recognizing achievements?
  • Do people need education and/or training to execute their responsibilities?
  • What is the community backup plan for when people leave the community/leave the project?
  • What is the community succession plan for when Extension leaves?

Check-out questions to make sure you are in sync with community expectations:

  • Shared expectations?
  • New stakeholders?
  • New assets external/internal?