Organizational Development

Programs to help organizations and groups in the public sector and private sector work more effectively with their boards and advisory groups, conduct assessment activities, manage effectively, plan programs and products, and stay in compliance with state and federal requirements. Audiences include organizational managers, board members, council members, nonprofit staff and managers, and civic organizations.

Example program topics: nonprofit board development; organizational budget development and budget management; team building for staff and volunteers; building community partnerships and collaborations; developing plans, goal setting, action planning, evaluation, and accountability

The Beginner’s Guide to Grant Writing (BGGW) workshop is an award-winning two-day in-person training in which participants draft a proposal, give and receive feedback on each other’s proposal, search for funders, and learn the importance of building relationships with partners and funders. The BGGW workshop is an efficient, economical, evidence-based…

This publication will assist an agent with details of how to organize a host committee and design a public forum.