Evaluating & Reflecting

Concept: The community taking stock of their successes and failures to inform next steps.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • How do we capture that? (Impact indicators?)
  • How do we describe and share our outcomes with the community?
  • What is the community’s feedback?
  • How will the community know when they are successful?
  • What were the unintended outcomes?
  • At what point are you, as the Extension professional, finished?
  • What are the points at which you must conduct evaluation?

Questions to ask the community:

  • What were the impacts?
  • How will this inform our next steps?
  • What is the rest of the community’s level of ‘buy-in’ to the outcomes we reached? Has it changed from when we started?
  • What were the unexpected outcomes?
  • How will the community continue to sustain this effort?
  • How will the community team communicate efforts and success to the broader community?
  • When and how will we report or act on what we learned through the evaluation?