How to Write a Case Example for the Community Development Extension Library

Case examples in the Community Development Extension Library will provide insight of how extension professionals have worked with communities and organizations. The case examples are intended to share ideas regarding resources, tools, processes, and questions which have been useful in your own work. These examples are intended to be illustrative, not prescriptive. Provide as much information as you can in narrative form (up to 1000 words) using the guiding questions below. Feel free to include links or additional files to the resources you used throughout the process.

To submit a case example, please visit the case example intake form.

Thank you for sharing information, and for enabling Extension to learn and share via the library.

Include in word document:

  • Title of Case Example
  • Author(s), Institution(s)
  • Title(s) of Additional Files
  • Labels of resources used from the CD Extension Library

Narrative (limit 1000 words)

  • Describe the community or organization, including information such as population (and change in population), demographics, history, significance of geographic location, previous planning efforts, community resources, amenities or features or events which are significant.
  • Describe the issue, including how that issue is defined or described by community members, whether the issue is a recent development or a long-standing issue, if the issue is relevant to the entire population or a smaller group, and the importance of the issue as recognized by community members.
    • Are there any larger events or conditions, or forces external to the community that are relevant to the community’s ability to define or address this issue?
    • List or describe the stakeholders, including their perspectives, if you know that.
  • How did Extension become involved?
  • Thinking about the phased planning model, describe the steps taken by Extension in each of the applicable phases, including:
    • What was Extension’s role? Who from Extension was involved?
    • What tools or processes did you use? (If these are uploaded to the library, please link.)
    • Can you describe any learning or “aha” moments for the community or for Extension?
    • Any unexpected events or conditions?
    • How did Extension involve stakeholders?
    • As an Extension professional, what were your objectives for the community project?
    • What were the outcomes for the community?
  • What did you learn? What worked well? What would you do differently next time?